40oz Bounce Video with Leilani and Momoko

Another fresh week and time for a new and hot 40oz bounce video to be brought to you guys this afternoon. We wanted to show you some more nice and sexy special scenes with some new black babes and the passionate fucking they get to do with their stud. The two hotties today are Leilani and Momoko and both of them as you can see are some sizzling hot and horny ebony ladies that are always eager to take a nice and hard pussy pounding. The guy today was ready for them and he intended to do whatever these two hotties desired as well. So let’s not delay and just see the fuck fest go down with this eager trio shall we?

Momoko gets to learn from her buddy quite a lot of lessons in how she needs to take cock in her pussy and ass as the main reason for this scene was just that. So sit back and watch miss Leilani spreading those nice and sexy long legs on the couch for the dude today and see her taking it nice and deep in her cunt. And while she does this you get to watch the sexy and cute Momoko fingering her pussy and playing with her tits. You can see just how horny and kinky she was getting as she was super eager to have that cock inside her too. Have fun with it as always and do check out the past scenes for some more superb babes as well! If you wanna see some booty ebony chicks getting their big asses fucked, check out the blackgfs.org site! Stay tuned!

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Sydnee and Breilla Video– Oiled and Fucked

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to a fresh and hot 40oz bounce update as usual. This time we have a nice little treat in the form of a sexy video for you to see and it’s a thing that you just can’t miss. In this clip you get to see the sexy ebony hottie Breilla as she gets to be joined by her white friend Sydnee in taking some hard black man meat in her pussy and ass. And of course, the lovely blonde gets to take part in the activities as well. So sit back and let’s get to have some nice fun for this fine afternoon.

The scene starts off with the blonde hot in action as the guy fucks her nice and deep. and meanwhile, the busty and sexy ebony babe gets to rub her pussy and play with her tits as she gets to watch her buddy moan as she gets fucked today. After that it was her turn too and she enjoyed the nice and thorough dicking as well as you will see. Sit back and watch the babes present their cute faces for a nice and big jizz load from the dude to end this nicely and enjoy. We will see you as usual next week with some more new scenes! Until then, visit the roxyreynolds.org site and see a gorgeous Ebony babe getting nailed!

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40oz Bounce – Natasha and Imani

Natasha and Imani are the two new ladies that you get to enjoy this afternoon everyone. They are two hot and sexy chocolate babes that adore to have sex and they are more than just willing to let you see them in action today. They are actually proud of always teaming up and banging lucky studs and this guy was the catch of the day. You can check out the previous scenes as well and you will get to see two more cuties named Taylor and Heidi as they also take their time to show off their superb and sexy bodies to you!

Anyway, coming back to our two beauties here today, the babes were all ready and horny and eager to fuck and they sure made this guy work for it too. Watch them doing a nice and hot double blowjob in the beginning and see them getting his cock rock solid before anything else. Then they get to take their time to lay on the couch and be fucked in turns by that hard and big black cock too. Have fun seeing the two moan loudly at the hard fucking they recieve and enjoy their nice little scene for today too. We’ll see you next time! Until then, visit the http://orgasmsxxx.org/ site and see other hot babes getting their pussies fucked!


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Pinky Juicy Phat Ass

Hey there once again with new and hot scenes. Today is one scene that you will just adore as we bring you one off the sexiest curvy ebony babes in the industry. As you can tell, that happens to be Pinky here and she got that nickname for her always bright pink hair colors too. This superbly hot and sexy curvy babe is going to be having a nice and big black cock ramming her ass and pussy all afternoon long and you can bet that she enjoyed it too. So let’s get to see her in action without delay in her amazing scene today!


You do need to know one thing about pinky though. And that would be that she’s an insatiable little lady. So when she gets her slutty little hands on guys, she usually makes sure that they are walking funny by the time she’s done fucking them too. It turns out that the guy had enough stamina for this babe today and you get to see him keep up with her demands to fuck her nice and hard all afternoon long. See the busty and curvy babe bent over and watch her nice and sexy ass jiggle as the guy fucks her deep anally today. Have fun with it! If you liked this chick, you can enter the www.thebigassgirl.net website and watch some big assed chicks flashing their butts!

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Shai and Georgia Taking Turns

40ozbounce comes back this week with some more new and hot scenes for you and we know that you will just adore them as well. In this new gallery you get to see the hot and horny duo of babes by the names of Shai and Georgia and their simply amazing fuck scene with this hot and horny stud too. Let’s get around to watch them in action as they get to experience taking a nice and big black meat rod deep in those wet and tight holes that they both have and rest assured that they took their time with the fucking too.

Watch the beauties going at it with the guy on the living room sofa for this afternoon. After a quick strip session the babes had the guy all naked and ready and his cock was already rock hard in anticipation of fucking those nice and fine butts today. Sit back and see the cuties taking turns to bend over and get fucked doggie style and see the guy working hard to make sure that both of them were pleased. Well after a nice and long fucking scene of course they were, but they also seemed to be wanting more. Have fun and see you soon everyone! Until then, join the http://mysexylegs.org/ site and see some booty ladies flashing their big asses!


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Taylor and Heidi

Another fresh week and time for you to see and enjoy a brand new and hot 40oz bounce update this fine afternoon. In this one we want you to take the time and admire the sexy babes Taylor and Heidi as they get to show off their amazing bodies without delay on camera today. The thing is that these two aren’t going to be doing any sex, well maybe some teasing with each other, but they just put on such an incredible show for you to see with those superb and hot ebony curves that they both pack today. So let’s get started.


As the cameras start to roll the two beauties make their entry wearing their naughty and sexy bikini swimsuits and we just have to say that they looked simply amazing while they wore them as well. Take the time to see them pulling aside the bras to let you get a nice and long view of their superbly round and sexy boobs first and then the cuties take off the panties too to give you amazing shots of those fine round asses and eager pussies as well. Have fun with the scene and see you next week as always with more new and hot content! Also you can enter the http://thebigassgirl.org/ site and watch some big butted ladies showing off their big asses!

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40oz Bounce – Ebony and Carmen

This week we come with more amazing scenes for you as always and you can bet that they are sizzling hot and smoking. For this new gallery update you get to see the two smoking hot and sexy ebony babes named Ebony and Carmen as they get to get down and dirty with some nice and big black meat and loving every minute of it too. The guy was ready to please and the babes were ready to take it in their holes. So this was a match made in heaven too. Let’s get the cameras rolling and see the group get wild today.

This is possibly the best and hottest ass pics threesome that we have here and we know that you will adore it. Watch closely and see as Carmen and her buddy take turns straight away to bend over for the lucky dude and let him stretch those nice and eager holes with his nice and big cock today. Watch as the babes moan loudly with the cock getting to slam those wet cunts and tight asses and enjoy this amazing and hot fuck scene for today. We will be seeing you soon as always with some more new and hot scenes guys. Bye for now!


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Porche and Chanel Get Pounded

Today we get to show off some more new scenes to you guys and this time we have the two busty ebony beauties Porche and Rachel to keep you company. And of course, you get to enjoy their nice and hot scene today too. As the classy thing goes, you get to see the babes double team a nice and well endowed stud in possession of a nice and hard and big cock and you can bet that these two worked it hard style for the whole scene. So let’s just get on with it and see them at play today without any more delays.


You can see the two hot and sexy ebony babes making their entries wearing some superb and sexy fishnet stockings and they had lots of fun teasing this stud as well as you as they took off the rest of their sexy clothes. Sit back and watch them getting around to suck on the stud’s cock to get it rock hard and see them as they start to take turns riding it as well today. We know that you’ll just love seeing those nice asses jiggle as the cock fucks them nice and deep and it’s quite the sight to see too. If you liked this scene, you can watch this great ButtMan video and see two big asses chicks getting ass fucked!

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Cocoa and Kendra’s Big Asses

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to a new and hot 40ozbounce update today. In this new one you get to see two more sexy and hot ebony beauties as they get close and personal with a nice and big cock as well. The two ladies are named Cocoa and Kendra and they have the sexiest bodies too. And let’s not forget about all that booty that has guys going crazy either. So just take your time and let’s get to see them fucking this lucky guy for the afternoon today shall we? we know you are eager to see them too.

When the nice and hot scene starts off, the ladies were quick to have the guy on the couch. And you can see them undressing him fast as well as they couldn’t wait any longer for the cock. Sit back and watch them sucking and slurping on his dick with a passion and watch them making sure to get him rock hard for their nice and sweet pussies. See them as they then take turns to bend over and take that nice and hard cock as deep as it can go in those nice and fine asses too. We hope that you enjoyed it and we will see you soon! If you want to see other booty babes twerking their asses in front of the video camera, enter the lycra ass site! Have fun, guys!



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40oz Bounce – Cherokee

Hey there guys. 40oz bounce is back this week once more with a new and hot little scene for you to see. In this one we have the busty and sexy beauty Cherokee and her amazing scene to show off too. You will get to see this amazing little babe as she takes a nice and big cock slid nice and deep in that eager rear end of hers for the afternoon. You can also check out Baby and Kelly in last week’s scene to see two more amazing babes as they get to do some hard fucking with a black stud and his mighty cock as well. Meanwhile, let’s just get back to our babe for the week and see her at play today without delay shall we everyone?


As this scene starts off, you get to see the sexy and busty ebony babe making her entry to the scene and teasing the stud and you guys as she gets to pose naughty and kinky too. Watch the babe show off her naughty and sexy outfit and see her taking it off slowly too to reveal those nice and big round tits of hers along with her superbly round and sexy bubble butt for the afternoon. When it gets down to it, you get to watch the babe taking a nice and hard style ass fucking too as the guy goes balls deep in her tight ass today. Enjoy the nice and hard style sex scene today and do come back soon for more new and hot galleries everyone. If you wanna see other Ebony beauties getting their tight holes filled by monster cocks, enter the http://teenyblack.net and have a lot of enjoyment!

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